Things you didn´t know about swedes

Sweden is well known in Europe as one of the best countries to live in. They have health care for all with no, or little cost. Dental care is free for kids and their king and queen are both respected and loved by all. There are however a few things about swedes not many know. Weird things, things that will make you lift you eyebrow in disbelief. And we will tell you about some of them.

They always look for an excuse to drink alcohol

In Sweden everyone above the age of 18 is allowed to drink at pubs and above 20 they can buy liqour in the store. The drinking culture is well hidden but every chance they get, they drink. At parties to celebrate, at funerals wehn mourning and also at weddings, around christmas and all other holidays. They celebrate the sun with a beer, and drown their sorrows for erain in beer. 

They use tobacco in a weird way

In Sweden they have this thing called snus, or スヌース as it is called in japanese. It is fine ground tobacco that they put under their upper lip and suck on it. The juices always run down their chin and that is also probably why we never see them kiss in public. 

Nudity is no big deal

Around midsummer almost everyone goes to a nearby lake and bathe. Nude. Skinnydipping is as Swedish as pickled herring and no one seems to care. Kids, youngsters and adults all swim together in the suit given by God. If you visit Sweden, don´t let this scare you.  

13 Jun 2018